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Terms and Conditions

Seller: UAB Aleksas Printas, code of the legal entity 303379117, VAT payer, legal address Laisves pr. 60, LT-05120 Vilnius, Lithuania, correspondence address Vilniaus g. 31, LT-21118 Trakai, Lithuania.

Buyer: natural person or legal entity who purchases from online store

1. General Terms

1.1. These rules of purchase and sale (the Rules) is a document that sets out the rights, duties and responsibilities of the Buyer and the Seller when shopping in online store «», payment terms, delivery and return of goods.

1.2. Seller reserves the right at any time to change, modify or supplement the Rules, taking into account the requirements established by legislation. Buyer will be informed of any changes or additions to the Rules on the website

1.3. Buyer may be:

- Any capable person over the age of eighteen years;

- Minors between the ages of fourteen to eighteen years with the consent of parents or guardians (except in cases where minors themselves dispose of their income);

- Legal entities;

- Authorized representatives of the above mentioned persons.

1.4. Due to different monitor specifications, colors of goods may differ from those on the site.


        2. Time of the contract.

2.1. The contract between the Seller and the Buyer shall be deemed concluded, after the Buyer has formed the shopping cart and clicked "Oder", thus confirming compliance with these Rules.


       3. Rights of the Buyer

3.1. Buyer has the right to make purchases from online store, according to these Rules.

3.2. The buyer has the right to cancel the contract of sale of goods concluded with the online store In this case, Buyer shall notify in writing (by letter or email) about their desire not later than seven days from the date of delivery of the goods, stating the order number.

3.3. Buyer can take advantage of the right to return goods if the goods are not damaged and unused.


      4. Obligations of the Buyer

4.1. Buyer is obliged to pay for the goods according to the terms of payment specified in paragraph 7 of these Rules.

4.2. Buyer agrees not to disclose the information about entering the online store to third parties. In case of loss of entry data, the Buyer shall notify the Seller by e-mail specified in section "Contacts".

4.3. Buyer agrees to comply with these Rules and not to violate the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.


      5. Rights of the Seller

5.1. If the Buyer trying to harm the stability or safety of the online store, the Seller has the right to restrict or suspend the opportunity to use the online store to the Buyer.

5.2. Seller has the right to unilaterally amend the Rules, with the current edition of the Rules always available on the site of the online store.

5.3. Seller has the right to temporarily suspend the sale of individual products or product groups.

5.4. Seller has the right to discontinue the work of the online store, and the Seller agrees to fulfill all pre-paid orders. Acceptance of new orders stops.

5.5. The Seller may cancel the order of the Buyer, if the Buyer has not paid within 5 (five) working days after placing the order.


      6. Obligations of the Seller

6.1. Seller undertakes to create all conditions for the Buyer to be able to use the online store.

6.2. Seller is obliged to send the goods to the address specified by the Buyer when ordering.

6.3. If the Seller can not deliver the goods ordered by the Buyer, he shall offer to replace the goods or refund to the Buyer within ten (10) business days, if payment has already been made.

6.4. The Seller undertakes to respect the right of the Buyer to the confidentiality of personal data which were specified in the registration and ordering, except in cases established by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.


       7. Ordering.

7.1. Select the model you like.

7.2. Decide on the size. 

7.3. Choose fabric and the preferred method of fixing. You can read more about fabrics in the section "Quality and fabrics".

7.4. Click Order.

7.5. If you want to order several products, repeat the steps above.

7.6. In the Cart, in the upper right corner of the page, you can see your selected products. Click Place an order.

7.7. If you make a purchase for the first time, fill in your data. If you made a purchase from this site before, Enter your login and password.

7.8. Check your delivery details and click Done.

7.9. Choose a convenient way of payment - Invoice, PayPal, Paysera.

     7.9.1. Please use the PayPal payment system if you have a PayPal account or sign up.

     7.9.2. Please use the payment system Paysera - this service offers a few simple payment options:

          a) if you are already registered, you will get 1% of the order into your account;

          b) internet banking of popular banks: Swedbank (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), SEB (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), DNB (Lithuania), Danske Bank (Lithuania, Estonia), Nordea (Lithuania, Latvia), Citadele (Lithuania, Latvia ), Šiaulių bankas (Lithuania), Medicinos bankas (Lithuania), several banks in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands. You will be redirected to the system of electronic payments on You can make a payment by following the instructions on the page.

         c) Visa, MasterCard, Maestro - payment by electronic cards - simple and fast payment by card via a reliable system.

      7.9.3. Choose Invoice - it's a method of advance payment, when you transfer the money to our bank account in any bank convenient for you after you have received an invoice for payment to your e-mail.

7.10. You will receive an order confirmation to the registered e-mail address.

7.11. After you have paid, the order manufacturing will take between 5-7 working days. 


  1. Cost of Goods and Payment

8.1. All the prices for products in the online store are in Euros including VAT. The prices may be reduced as well as raised by the Seller.

8.2. The buyer can pay for the goods using one of the methods:

   8.2.1. Payment via the payment system PayPal. When making payment this way the Buyer transfers money to the appropriate account UAB Aleksas Printas in PayPal payment system. In this case, the responsibility for the security of the data goes to PayPal, as all cash transactions take place in PayPal system.

   8.2.2. Payment by bank transfer, where the Buyer prints out the invoice, goes to the nearest branch and transfers funds to the bank account of UAB Aleksas Printas.

8.3. When using the payment methods specified in paragraphs 8.2.1. and 8.2.2., the Buyer undertakes to promptly pay for the goods. Only after receiving your payment, the manufacturing of goods begins, and the countdown of production time and delivery period starts.

8.4. After selecting the items in the "cart", the Buyer chooses "oder". On the "delivery data" page the Buyer fills in the data for the delivery of the order and selects PayPal or Invoice payment method. After selecting the "Invoice", the Buyer recieves an invoice for payment to the e-mail address provided during registration. The invoices specify goods, their number, the final cost of the goods, including all taxes and delivery fee. The invoice comes to your email address within the next working day, or the first working day if the order was made at the weekend.


  1. The procedure for delivery of Products

9.1 Exchange or refund of goods is made according to the Rules of return and exchange of goods approved by order of the Minister of Economy on June 29, 2001 № 217 "On approval of the Rules of return and exchange of goods" and “the Rules of the sale of goods and services through the conclusion of contracts by means of communication ", approved by order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania on August 17, 2001 № 258.

9.2 To return an item of improper quality the Buyer must notify the Seller by e-mail specified in section "Contacts" within 7 days from the date of delivery of the goods and specify order number.

9.3 When returning goods the Buyer must provide proof of purchase and an application for refund in a free form.

9.4 Seller has the right not to accept the goods if the goods were spoiled by the Buyer or have obvious signs of use.

9.5 If the buyer purchased goods of improper quality, they may demand:

  • elimination of defects of the goods or compensation of expenses to eliminate defects;
  • reducing the cost of the goods;
  • exchange the item for a similar quality product;
  • refund for the product, and the product must be returned to the Seller.

9.6 Buyer agrees to pay the cost for delivery of goods to the Seller, in the method selected by the Seller. After the Seller is convinced of an inappropriate quality of a product, he is obliged to compensate the cost of returning the goods to the buyer.

9.7 According to the Decree №738 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on July 22, 2014 the Buyer can exchange or return the goods of good quality, if he was not satisfied with the shape, color or equipment of the goods. The Buyer has the right to return all products except for:

- Tobacco and tobacco products;

- Perfumes, cosmetics and personal hygiene products;

- Photography and cinematography products;

- Printed books, photoprints and other products of the printing industry;

- Fabrics;

- Carpeting, except carpets and rugs;

- Knitted underwear;

- Clothing for newborns;

- Stockings, socks, tights, etc .;

- Underwear, nightgowns, pajamas, etc .;

- Bras, corsets, etc .;

- Pearls, precious stones, precious metals and articles thereof other than imitation jewelery;

- Machinery and mechanical appliances;

- Electrical machinery and equipment, sound and (or) video recording on any audio and video media;

- Overground vehicles;

- Ships, boats and floating devices;

- Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, checking, medical or surgical instruments and apparatuses;

- Watches;

- Musical instruments;

- Weapons and ammunition;

- Furniture, bed linen, lamps;

- Toys, games, except accessories for sport and hunting;

- Works of art, collectibles and antiques;

- Plants, animals and food of good quality;

- Weighed and measured products that were prepared at the wish of the customer especially for him.


  1. The responsibility of the Buyer and the Seller

10.1 The Buyer is responsible for all acts performed by him/her in the online store and the accuracy of the data that he provides by the registration and ordering.

10.2 The Buyer is responsible for storage of credentials to log on to an online store.

10.3 The Seller is not responsible if losses occur due to the fact that the buyer, not taking into account the recommendations of the Seller and their own commitments, is not familiar with these rules, although they were given such an opportunity.

10.4 If damage was caused by one of the parties, the guilty party must compensate the direct damage to another party.


  1. Information exchange

11.1 The Seller sends all messages to the email address that was specified by the Buyer at registration.

11.2 The Buyer can contact the Seller by any convenient method specified in the "Contacts" section on the website of the online store.


  1. Final Provisions

12.1 These Rules are framed and governed by and in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

12.2 All disagreements between the Seller and the Buyer shall be resolved through negotiations. If unable to reach an agreement through negotiations, disputes shall be settled in the manner prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.