Thank you for your attention to Interior Textile Wellmira products!

With love and care, we create Interior Textile Wellmira and believe that our products can improve the quality of life, bringing joy from harmony and comfort in the home of our clients.

UAB Aleksas Printas company is pleased to become your reliable partner.

  • You get a fully finished product.
  • You expand your product range and sell more to existing customers. We provide a catalog and description of goods for your online-store. But for you we can make special exclusive propositions.
  • We manufacture any orders in 3-4 business days.

Interior Textile Wellmira

  • We sell to 40+ countries around the world.
  • Dealer network in EU countries and beyond.
  • More than 2500+ models of interior textiles.

Your customer will always remain satisfied with the Interior Textile Wellmira range.

We manufacture such product groups:

  1. Curtains with print
  2. Panel curtains  with print
  3. Sheer (Tulle) with print
  4. Tablecloths with print
  5. Table runners with print
  6. Pillowcases with print
  7. Roman blinds with print
  8. Fleece blankets with print

Your cooperation with us will be easy and profitable.

1. You add Interior Textile Wellmira products to your trading platform.

2. Take an order from a client.

3. Send us this order.

4. We make an order in 2-4 business days.

5. We send the order to you or directly to the customer.

6. You are happy and receive new orders from grateful customers.

We would like you to become familiar with our products – to admire the quality of tailoring, fabric and brightness of the image. Please write your address and we will send you samples of our products for free.

Please answer a few questions for us to get to know your company closer:

  1. Do you have a VAT number (write it, please)
  2. Do you have an on-line / off-line shop?
  3. What kind of product groups do you sell?
  4. On which trading platforms do you sell (your site, eBay, Amazon, your option)